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Happy Gay Pride!Dudes Off Campus June Newsletter


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Live Stats

1,649 pics uploaded last month, 17,314 uploaded in 2008 with 251,818 in total.


rbrown001: 549
Smitty: 185
memattohyeah: 84
DickLicker: 57
: 57


Pic Lens

PicLens EnabledPic Lens is now working for the x last day's view. We are working on enabling Pic Lens for your favorites view as well and hope to have this enabled soon.


We've also recently gotten an email from Pic Lens that they'll be releasing a new version with some mystery new features this month. We'll look to implement whatever makes sense and will make an announcement once they've released their new version.


I've gotten a few emails from users who are as excited about Pic Lens as we are. For those of you who have not given it a go, you're missing out!


New Video Feeds

Since last time, we've added Jake Cruise and Blue Blake to the video feed lineup. We've also reset the vote counters on the feeds so that we have your most up to date votes on the channels. I see some of the new channels are still not working and am paying attention. After this latest round of voting, we'll replace the channels that don't make the cut.

Jake Cruise and Blue Blake

Happy Pride Month

To celebrate Pride, we're happy to give you 15 minutes of free PPV time on DOC PPV. Use this link and use the promo code "PRIDE08". Enjoy!

Videos on iPhone/iPod Touch

DOC Video

We've had a few kinks getting videos on the iPhone and aren't quite ready to release this. I know we had planned on releasing it by now, but are delayed by a few weeks.



Southern Decadence

Southern Decadence in New Orleans

If you've never been, you don't know what you're missing! Southern Decadence in New Orleans is better than ever and helps New Orleans with much needed cash. We'll be there for Labor Day to show our support and hope you will too!

Highest Rated Pix Last Month

5 Am8569 Party Pig Benchcok RCB-2108 RCB-2060 RCB-1487 Got_a_magnifing_glass Am6107 3 Visible Tats